The mechanism of the pre-shipment inspection includes the following steps

    1. The applicant signs a contract with a consulting firm to conduct examination of the contract and pre-shipment inspection.
    2. Consulting firm registers the request and sends it to the company's office, which is co-founder of the consulting firm in the country of delivery or shipment of goods.
    • The representative office in the country of the supplier shall inform the exporter of the receipt of applications for the pre-shipment inspection and the need to provide the required documents, and agree with them the date and venue of the pre-shipment inspection.
    1. Exporter confirms the date and place of the inspection and sends the documentation of the company's office.
    2. Physical inspection and registration of the report on its results and held for 5 working days after approval of the exact date and venue.
    3. If, during the implementation of pre-shipment inspection has not found any discrepancies or violations, a consulting firm issues an act on the audit. If there is any discrepancy to the contract consulting firm shall issue a certificate of non-compliance of the contract.
    • Questions of payment provided by the consulting firm services stipulated in the contract between a business entity and consulting firm. The goods are inspected in the country of origin of the goods, usually at the factory, warehouse or port of loading. If a firm is not authorized to carry out inspections in the country of origin of the goods, inspection is carried out at the unloading point. Inspection is carried out by specialists of consulting companies in strict accordance with internationally accepted procedures agreed with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the standards guarantee the quality of the exporter, the Agreement on pre-shipment inspection of the GATT / WTO provisions and rules of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies. Depending on the nature of the goods inspection analysis is carried out on the spot or, if necessary, consulting firms abroad in the laboratory.

    The main conditions for the issuance of a positive act of examination of import contracts are:

    - Compliance with the quality, quantity, the price level of imported goods requirements;

    - Compliance with the contract generally accepted norms of international trade law;

    - Compliance with the conditions of contract laws and regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

    - Compliance with the contract terms accepted by the Republic of Uzbekistan obligations to other states and international organizations;

    - The availability of the conclusions of the authorized ministries and agencies for import of specific goods, technological equipment, technologies, patents and licenses for them.

    Import contracts, which provides pre-shipment inspection of goods, shall enter into force after the issuing of a positive act by the consulting firm expertise and respective conclusions on examination of the contract with the Agency for Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the cases stipulated by law.

    Positive examination certificate pre-shipment inspection of imported goods and the relevant conclusion of the examination of the contract with the Agency for Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the cases provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, authorize the supplier for shipment of the goods and the importer - the basis for the payment of the goods in accordance with the applicable legislation the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    Consulting firms carrying out pre-shipment inspection of imported goods, operating in close cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan.