Under the pre-shipment inspection means

    - A physical inspection to confirm the quantity, quality and origin of the goods to be shipped;

    - Comparative analysis for the detection of whether the price of goods, freight, insurance and other charges of the existing level of prices in the country of origin and the price of the international market

    ;- Verification of conformity of the consignment contract requirements and customs regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

    - Verification of data for dutiable / taxable on the basis of the Commodity Nomenclature and foreign trade.

    Independent examination of import contracts and pre-shipment inspection of imported goods shall be in accordance with the principles of the Agreement on pre-shipment inspection of the GATT / WTO by consulting firms that meet the requirements of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies and accredited by the Agency "Uzstandard".

    Economic entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan carrying out the supply of imported goods, have the right to choose to apply to consulting firms for the examination of contracts and pre-shipment inspection, followed by examination of contracts with the Agency for Foreign Economic Relations in the cases stipulated by law, or the Agency for Foreign Economic Relations for examination contracts in accordance with established procedure without any pre-shipment inspection except as required by law.