The mechanism of the pre-shipment inspection includes the following steps

The applicant signs a contract with a consulting firm to conduct examination of the contract and pre-shipment ...

Carrying out pre-shipment inspection of imported goods does not apply

- For the supply of goods under contracts with a total value does not exceed $ 10 thousand dollars...- For the supply of specific ...

Under the pre-shipment inspection means

- A physical inspection to confirm the quantity, quality and origin of the goods to be shipped;- Comparative analysis for the ...

Quality Policy The inspection company

The main activity of the inspecting body for an independent examination of export-import contracts and pre-shipment inspection of goods in the Republic of Uzbekistan is to check the goods in terms of quality, quantity, export market prices and with a view to customs valuation, customs classification and acceptance of imports, as well as provision of population consumer products, food, machinery, equipment and technologies.

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Our company as a whole renders the following highly professional services:

  • Price Verification of import / export contracts;
  • Conducting pre-shipment inspection (PSI);
  • Project management;
  • Control in the production process;
  • Verification of quality control in the enterprise;
  • Conducting marketing research;
  • Physical inspection by definition of quantity and quality.

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